A Modest Maestro, The Lew Stone Story - by Tony Staveacre

A Modest Maestro -The Lew Stone Story
by Tony Staveacre

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Chapter Extracts and Sample Pictures/Photographs

CHAPTER ONE: Mr Piano Man Sample

CHAPTER TWO: Music, Maestro, Please

CHAPTER THREE: Why Did She Fall For The Leader Of The Band? Sample

CHAPTER FOUR: When You Grow Up, Little Lady Sample

CHAPTER FIVE: They Can’t Black Out The Moon

CHAPTER SIX: Kiss The Boys Goodbye Sample

CHAPTER SEVEN: A Land Of Begin Again

CHAPTER EIGHT: Music While You Work Sample

CHAPTER NINE: Now It Can Be Told Sample

CHAPTER TEN: Now That You’re Gone

Lew’s Singers

Lew Stone Lew Stone and the band members
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